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The Federal Way Coalition Against Trafficking is a group of committed individuals that educates and engages our community so that each person can play a role in ending human trafficking.

It will take a community effort to eliminate human trafficking- we invite you to join us. 

Volunteer. Use your unique skills and talents to raise awareness and further the fight against human trafficking. 

Speak Up. Use your voice to influence and strengthen legislation. 

Donate. Use your resources to help prevent future cases of human trafficking.  

Learn. Educate yourself and share your knowledge with others.


County’s ‘Buyer Beware’ Program Aims to Reduce Demand for Prostitution
10/16/14 6:00 AM

King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg joined other officials Wednesday in announcing the local “Buyer Beware” program that aims to reduce local demand for prostitution by 20 percent in two years.

Tyler Williams testified in a Seattle courtroom last month that he was sad and lonely when he posted an online ad seeking sex with “a hot teen.”

He said he suspected he was trading emails with a cop, but he still showed up at a South Seattle fast-food restaurant in August 2013 with condoms and $100 to pay for sex with someone he thought was a 15-year-old girl. Turns out he was right.

But he told jurors he was just “playing along” and had planned to turn himself in to police.

“Who brings a wad of cash to a surrender?” Senior Deputy Prosecutor Val Richey asked during Williams’ trial in King County Superior Court. “Trying to pick up a kid for sex is a crime and in this case, it’s as simple as it seems.”

It took the jury 30 minutes to return a guilty verdict against the 27-year-old Iraq war veteran for attempted commercial sex abuse of a minor, a felony charge increasingly used by King County prosecutors to go after men who seek out juveniles for sex.

“This crime ain’t going away. [More]

Tougher Police Tactics Stinging Sex Buyers
10/15/14 6:00 AM
Seattle police and other law-enforcement agencies are increasing the number of online stings aimed at catching men who pay for sex. The undercover operations are part of a larger, countywide effort to hold men accountable for fueling the demand side of prostitution.


In a trio of musty-smelling motel rooms on Pacific Highway South, a group of cops made four arrests in quick succession — two businessmen in button-down shirts, a college student who swung by after class and a man in his 50s who paid double to “party longer” with a woman he thought was a prostitute.

Then a lull: For nearly an hour and a half, the cellphones of two undercover Seattle officers, in body-hugging clothing and heavy makeup, went silent.

Finally, one of the officers, wearing five-inch heels and a cleavage-revealing shirt-and-skirt combo, stepped into the bathroom to take a call. “Someone’s here,” she called out to her fellow officers a few minutes later.

A 40-year-old Auburn man walked into her shabby motel room and handed over $80. [More]

Unprecedented BACKPAGE Trafficking Suit now at our State Supreme Court
10/14/14 6:00 AM
On October 21st at 1:30pm, our State Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on an unprecedented liability lawsuit against Backpage for knowingly profiting from the sale of girls. We applaud attorneys Erik Bauer of Tacoma and Mike Pfau of Seattle for their courage in filing this suit on behalf of three girls who were raped and otherwise brutalized hundreds of times while Backpage.com profited from this practice.
What you can do?
Our State Supreme Court Justices need to know the sentiment and passion against the sale of children online, and we need the press to publicize this case. YOU can volunteer to do one of the two below:
  1. Coordinate a rally (experience in doing this is preferred) to fill the inside and outside of the courtroom.  Please email admin@waengage.com to volunteer.
  2. Attend the oral argument and/or rally outside the courtroom.
Why is this case unprecedented?
Other similar lawsuits around the nation, including one against our state law passed in 2012, have all failed at the trial court level. Backpage and its high-profile lawyers have repeatedly been able to defeat similar cases on the basis of the immunity clause in the Communication Decency Act of the Congress passed in 1994 and other constitutional issues.



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