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The Federal Way Coalition Against Trafficking is a group of committed individuals that educates and engages our community so that each person can play a role in ending human trafficking.

It will take a community effort to eliminate human trafficking- we invite you to join us. 

Volunteer. Use your unique skills and talents to raise awareness and further the fight against human trafficking. 

Speak Up. Use your voice to influence and strengthen legislation. 

Donate. Use your resources to help prevent future cases of human trafficking.  

Learn. Educate yourself and share your knowledge with others.


Missing Federal Way girl added on trucking trailers

Dianne Zoro had seen the girls along Pacific Highway South before.

The mother of four daughters saw girls walking to the bus stop as she drove home from work to her Federal Way apartment near 272nd Street nearly every day since she moved here. She always felt bad for the girls who, for whatever reason, felt they needed to sell their bodies for money. She envisioned the girls as young single mothers with babies they couldn’t afford to feed. But she never paid much attention to them.

Until her 17-year-old daughter went missing.

“I started driving that stretch day and night and all of a sudden it struck me how many girls were out there,” said Zoro, whose daughter Danica Childs disappeared from a Kent motel associated with drugs and prostitution in December of 2007. “Then looking at their faces and realizing that Danica was 17, but I was seeing girls who were much younger.”

Zoro later learned that her daughter’s boyfriend was a pimp and Danica was working as a prostitute.

During an event on Monday morning, Zoro and three of her daughters were at Gordon Trucking in Pacific, Wash., where company officials and members of the Washington State Patrol unveiled a trucking trailer with a large poster of Danica on the side.

Gordon Trucking currently has 100 trailers that feature posters of 21 missing children from Washington and Oregon. The company’s fleet travels across the U.S. and in Canada, along freeways, interstates and highways  like Pacific Highway South.

“It’s weird to see her face right there,” Zoro said when she saw her daughter’s face on the side of the truck.

Gordon Trucking, in partnership with the state patrol and IMagic, highlighted the Homeward Bound program with the addition of Danica’s poster to its fleet on Monday.

Renee Padgett, a trooper who works in state patrol’s Commercial Vehicle division, came up with the idea for the program in 2005.

“She worked as a commercial vehicle enforcement trooper at the time and she thought if we can get these posters out there, people are on the road every day, so what better idea than to put pictures of missing kids on the side of trucks,” said Carri Gordon, a manager in state patrol’s Missing and Unidentified Persons unit. [More]

Bill in Olympia would make 'revenge porn' a felony

Washington is joining a list of states trying to make it a felony to post "revenge porn" online.

Imagine the humiliation of finding naked photos of yourself, taken in private, suddenly posted on the internet for all to see. It's usually your ex, exacting some sort of revenge over the split.

"There's usually someone with some hurt or angry feelings and in order to get back at the other person they post what were intimate, special moments for them in order to purposely humiliate them," said Rep. Jeff Morris, D-40th legislative district. "It's almost like bullying."

Morris is sponsoring a bill [HB 2250] specifically defining the crime of distributing intimate images. It's an update to a voyeurism law, originally written in response to the phenomenon of "up-skirt photos" and secretly recorded videos.

"We're making it clear that the use of certain technologies, the use of the internet to broadly embarrass or bully someone, those things are wrong," said Morris. [More]

Ten Portland-Area Pimps Charged with Transporting Young Women to Hawaii

PORTLAND, OR—Today federal indictments were unsealed charging eight Portland-area pimps with violating the Mann Act and the Travel Act by transporting young women from Portland across the country for prostitution, including to Honolulu, Las Vegas, and Anchorage. The defendants include Mark “Meezilini” Miles, Jr., 36; Steven “Flawless” Huffman, Jr., 40; Jorge “Baby Slim” Ortega, Jr., 32; Jermaine “Chocolate” Hankins, 38; Michael “Mackin Mike” Willis, Jr., 28; DeShawne “The Don” Howard, 23; Samuel “Sammega” Howard, Jr., 32; and Camillio “Killa” Carradine, 33.

Mark “Meezilini” Miles was charged with two counts of violating the Mann Act and two counts of violating the Travel Act for transporting a young Portland native, Ivanice “Ivy” Harris, from Oregon to Hawaii in May 2012 and May 2013. Ivy Harris was killed in Hawaii during the May 2013 trip. A U.S. Marine has been charged with murder in connection with Ms. Harris’ death and is awaiting trial.

“Local traffickers are sending young Portland-area women all over the country to have sex with strangers for money,” said U.S. Attorney Amanda Marshall. [More]



October 28, 2014 - Tuesday - 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
FWCAT COMMUNITY MEETING-The Link Between Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking
Federal Way, WA - EX3 Ron Sandwith Teen Center




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