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The Federal Way Coalition Against Trafficking is a group of committed individuals that educates and engages our community so that each person can play a role in ending human trafficking.

It will take a community effort to eliminate human trafficking- we invite you to join us. 

Volunteer. Use your unique skills and talents to raise awareness and further the fight against human trafficking. 

Speak Up. Use your voice to influence and strengthen legislation. 

Donate. Use your resources to help prevent future cases of human trafficking.  

Learn. Educate yourself and share your knowledge with others.


More arrests made of men seeking underage girls for sex in King County
By Sara Jean Green, Seattle Times staff reporter
Two registered sex offenders — one from out-of-state, the other a homegrown child rapist — were arrested within days of each other last week, adding to the growing number of men charged with attempting to pay underage girls for sex, according to King County prosecutors.

The men are typically arrested when they show up at prearranged locations with cash in hand, said Senior Deputy Prosecutor Val Richey.

Fifty men were charged with attempted commercial sex abuse of a minor in 2014, an increase from the 40 men charged the year before, Richey said.

Last week, for instance, Seattle police arrested Mohanad Alalnabkh, a 27-year-old citizen of Saudi Arabia, who was charged July 8 and released from jail the next day after posting $100,000 bail, according to court and jail records.

“He’s just one in a steady stream,” said Richey, who since 2013 has charged foreign nationals from Canada, Mexico and several Central American countries as well as India, China and Bulgaria.

Seattle police have historically made the bulk of arrests — a trend that continues, with the department’s Vice & High Risk Victims Unit busting half the men charged so far this year. Renton police have had 16 cases of attempted commercial sex abuse of a minor in the first half of 2015, Richey said. [More]

Over 1,000 ‘break chains’ of Human Trafficking in Federal Way
Photos by Carrie Rodriguez, the Mirror and courtesy of Bruce Honda

Over 1,000 participants strolled and sprinted through Federal Way for the third annual Break the Chains of Human Trafficking 5k fundraiser on Saturday.

Event organizers said this is the biggest turnout the event as generated so far.

All proceeds from the event will benefit Federal Way Coalition Against Trafficking. The coalitions was formed out of the need to address the problem of human trafficking in Federal Way.

There have been several reported cases of trafficking in Federal Way, most recently the bust at the Blue Moon in 2012, when eight people were indicted for operating an interstate prostitution ring at the Korean nightclub.

Mayor Jim Ferrell and others kicked off the event on Saturday with testimonials in support of the efforts. The crowd broke purple paper chains at the start of the 5k, which began and ended at the Federal Way Farmers Market.

For more information, visit www.fwcat.org.

‘Buyer Beware’: early success for initiative targeting johns instead of prostitutes
By Sara Jean Green, Seattle Times staff reporter

A countywide program launched in the fall to reduce local demand for prostitution is seeing some early success, with police and city officials all working to increase the risk of prosecution for sex buyers while reducing the number of women arrested on prostitution charges.

Police agencies across King County collectively arrested more men last year for patronizing a prostitute than they arrested women on prostitution charges, offering the first statistical indications of a countywide effort to shift responsibility for the sex trade onto the men who fund it.

“For the last five years, we’ve seen a pretty significant disproportionality,” with far more women involved in prostitution arrested than men who pay them for sex, said King County Senior Deputy Prosecutor Val Richey.

Countywide, “2014 was the first year patronizing charges outpaced prostitution charges — and they did it in a big way,” Richey said of local police agencies.

In the seven months since the Buyer Beware launch, King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg said he’s seen an important “course correction,” with police now arresting more men on patronizing charges while arresting fewer women on prostitution charges.

But the effort is not just about busting sex buyers. A new, 10-week intervention program is also seeing early success in helping men examine their attitudes about sexuality and their motivations for paying prostituted women and girls for sex, Satterberg and Richey said.

Historically, women involved in prostitution have been arrested at a rate 10 times higher than the men who paid them for sex, according to Richey. [More]



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